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Things Canadians say

After eight months as a British girl in Canada, I’m still learning new Canadianisms every day.

  • A fringe is called bangs, which I find strange to say because it’s a plural
  • Baked beans are not for breakfast, and they’re not for putting on a baked (jacket) potato. I think they’re for putting next to mashed potato
  • Bathroom doors, more often than not, have gaps between the door and the cubicle down either side. I do not remember this ever happening in England
  • Canadians say “thank you so much”, my favourite reply is “you’re welcome so much
  • Car dealership, not showroom, gas not fuel, gas not accelerator, trunk not boot
  • Full stops are called periods
  • Grey, three-walled office cubicles as seen in the movies are a common feature of workplaces
  • Painkillers of choice are Advil or Tylenol not Nurofen and Anadin, Lemsip is called something completely different, but I can’t remember what it is
  • Paper isn’t described as A4 or A3 unless you’re really into paper. A3 is a 11 x 17
  • Someone said I had “good teeth for a British person” and inquired about blood pudding, so some old British stereotypes are still knocking about
  • Spring onions are called scallions
  • The useless, annoying office jargon seems to be the same here in the most part. Touch base, low-hanging fruit, whizz that email across
  • The word fanny isn’t funny
  • There are places called Moose Factory and Yellow Knife
  • Ulcers are called cankers (incidentally, cankers always makes me think of cankles)
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    I think this is the third instalment of this, but it’s the best IMHO.
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    Let me just tell you how Letter/A4 paper was the bane of my existence in my former High Stress Office Life, in which I...
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    Green onions. Like big chives.
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    This is amazing. I need to see the first post(s?)!
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